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 New groups?

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Alexandre A. R. Acacio


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PostSubject: New groups?   Sun May 11, 2014 4:01 pm

Can we have a few more groups to join? For example, Axis? We have Allied, but no Axis for some reason.

Here are some of my suggestions:
South American
North American
Somewhere in the middle
(For Russia, mostly, since he's technically Asian but thinks of himself as European)
OCs (As far as I know, there's only me, but I know a few people who've made characters before there were actual representations of them in Hetalia)
Main Characters
Side Characters
Actual Characters

Nordic Family
England's Massive Family
Russia's Family
Friends of Everyone
(Who have no known nemesis, like Ukraine or Switzerland, since he hates everyone equally)
Nemesis Buddies (Who have known Plurals are hard. XD But characters like my own, Prussia, England, America... etc.)

This is just so that people can at least apply to ONE group, because currently, I apply to none of them.  XD Since we can join all kinds of groups on this site, I just thought it would be a nice feature to explore and help people define characters easier. Plus, you can roleplay those secret Allied and Axis meetings within your groups! :D

 America Canada China France England Russia 


 Italy Japan Germany Romano
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New groups?
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