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 A Cardverse AU

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Ivan Braginsky

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PostSubject: A Cardverse AU   Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:47 am

This AU was suggested by Ludwig Beilschmidt, and I want to say thank you for this suggestion.

The cardverse AU is basically a world where the characters are like cards (diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs), and there's four kingdoms in this world, plus there're two jokers.
Here I give you my plan and suggestion for this AU, and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

The characters:


  1. The King is Francis Bonnefoy (France)
    Francis can control the element of earth, and is The Lord of Light. He's good at fencing and can use some guns.
  2. The Queen is Lili Zwingli (Liechtenstein)
    Lili is The Maiden of Spring and can use magic for protection and healing, and also to create light.
  3. The Jack is Vash Zwingli (Switzerland)
    Vash is The Messenger of Hope and can use a spear and guns.


  1. The King is Alfred F. Jones (America)
    Alfred can control the element of air, and is The Lord of Time. He can use a sword and also use guns, and is good at close combat.

  2. The Queen is Arthur Kirkland (England)
    Arthur is The Protector of Time, and can use magic for battle, healing, protection and to sometimes mess with timelines, and also some little things that you can think of.

  3. The Jack is Yao Wang (China)
    Yao is The Messenger of Wisdom and Dragons. He can use a Chinese Sword and also spear, and he's good at martial arts. 


  1. The King is Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany)
    Ludwig can control the element of fire, and can use gins, sword and a spear, and is very good at close combat.

  2. The Queen is Kiku Honda (Japan)
    Kiku is The Holder of the Sun, and he can use a katana, and is good at martial arts.

  3. The Jack is Feliciano Vargas (N. Italy)
    Feliciano is The Messenger of Faith and Peace, and he ca use a dagger even though he prefers his white flag...


  1. The King is Ivan Braginsky (Russia)
    Ivan can control the element of water, and is The Lord of Ice. He can use guns, sword and his favourite object; faucet pipe.
  2. The Queen is Elizabeta Héderváry (Hungary) 
    Elizabeta is The Breaker of the Ice and The Holder of the Moon. She very good at fencing, and also in close combat.

  3. The Jack is Roderich Edelstein (Austria)
    Roderich is The Messenger of Reasoning, and is a good at making plans and strategies. He's also good at fencing, and being a perfect gentleman. 


  1. Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)
    Gilbert is The Messenger of Death and Hell.

  2. Peter Kirkland (Sealand)
    Peter is The Messenger of Life and Heaven. 

The World:

The world of this AU is split to four (4) kingdoms; Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs. Each kingdom has it's own strengths  and they at least try to keep the peace between them. Each kingdom rules over the world in order and according the times of the year. The kingdom of Diamonds rule when it's spring, the kingdom of Spades when it's summer, the kingdom of Hearts when it's autumn, and the kingdom of Clubs when it's winter. Even if this is how they rule over the world, they still have their own kingdoms and territories so to speak.
The people of these kingdoms say, that the kingdom of Diamonds is the most wealthiest of them all, Spades most powerful of them all, Hearts has most love of them all, and Clubs is the most luckiest of them all.

Important Roles:

  • The lord of Light
    The Lord of the Light, Francis, has a important role bringing more light into the world after winter, for people and also for the snow to melt away and help the plants grow.

  • The Maiden of Spring
    The Maiden of Spring, Lili, is the one who actually brings the spring and helps the earth to recover after winter.

  • The Messenger of Hope
    The Messenger of Hope, Vash, bring hope to the world when it's almost completely gone, one way or another.

  • The Lord of Time
    The Lord of Time, Alfred, is one of the protector of timelines with his queen, Arthur. He can also use some sort of magic that appears in the form of clocks, which Alfred can use to attack his enemies by the use of wind, and so time is like a weapon for Alfred.

  • The Protector of Time
    The Protector of Time, Arthur, is one of the protectors of timelines with his king, Alfred. He makes sure that the timelines don't mix up to each other, and that the past isn't messed with. He sometimes gets visions of future, or sometimes even about the past if something big and terrible is going to happen.

  • The Messenger of Wisdom
    The Messenger of Wisdom, Yao, is the one who to seek when you want wise words during hard times.

  • The Messenger of Dragons
    The Messenger of Dragons, Yao, gets messages from ancient dragons that have been living for thousands of years and are above everyone and everything, so that makes Yao a very important person, even though dragons only very rarely take part in what humans do.

  • The Holder of the Sun
    The Holder of the Sun, Kiku, is the one who helps the sun to rise in the morning and set in the evening, allowing day and night. He is also one of the protectors of the balance between the sun and the moon with Elizabeta. 

  • The Messenger of Faith
    The Messenger of Faith, Feliciano, is one of the most purest people in this world, and brings faith to places where it's needed.

  • The Messenger of Peace
    The Messenger of Peace, Feliciano, helps with keeping the peace of the world.

  • The Lord of Ice
    The Lord of Ice, Ivan, brings the snow and ice when it's winter.

  • The Breaker of the Ice
    The Breaker of the Ice, Elizabeta, breaks the ice of the seas with her magical sword when it's time for the spring to come.

  • The Holder of the Moon
    The Holder of the Moon, Elizabeta, is the one who helps the moon to rise when in the evening, and set during the morning. She is also one of the protectors of the balance between the moon and the sun with Kiku.

  • The Messenger of Reasoning
    The Messenger of Reasoning, Roderich, bring knowledge to where it's needed and helps with keeping the fights and battles away.

  • The Messenger of Death
    The Messenger of Death, Gilbert, appears to places where there's a lot deaths, and also helps the dead souls to find their place with Peter, so the souls won't stay in the world, wondering around and possibly cause harm to people.

  • The Messenger of Hell
    The Messenger of Hell, Gilbert, guides the "bad" souls to hell where they are punished for their wrong doings.

  • The Messenger of Life
    The Messenger of Life, Peter, keeps up the flow of life in the world, and also helps the dead souls to find their place with Gilbert. Peter is quite young, but that is because The Messenger of Life and Heaven before him died recently, and Peter is still getting used to his job.

  • The Messenger of Heaven
    The Messenger of Heaven, Peter, guides the "good" souls to heaven after their death, and also the "bad" souls when they have been punished for their wrong doings. However, some souls never get to heaven.

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Alexandre A. R. Acacio


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PostSubject: Re: A Cardverse AU   Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:32 am

That sounds really cool! Do we have all of the characters to do it? And are there still regular numbers for those that aren't listed? It would be really fun if this could become a big community thing.
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A Cardverse AU
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