Here you can role-play with Hetalia characters, as much as you like.
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 I'll be gone! *dramatic*

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Ivan Braginsky

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PostSubject: I'll be gone! *dramatic*   Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:38 pm

..... *cough* Anyway, so I'll be gone about a week because I'm going to a trip to Europe with my parents. 8 can't coome today because I'm going to Helsinki (capital of Finland), and then tomorrow we fly to Amsterdam (*not sure if wrote it write*) which is in Netherlands. Then we go to Belgium, and then France, then Luxembourgh (*again isn't sure if written right*) and then finally to Germany. And from there we fly back to Finland.

so see you in about a week! Hopefully it isn't too bad here without me! I miss you already darlings~! *hugs everyone*
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I'll be gone! *dramatic*
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