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 Welcome to W.H.M.I~!

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Ivan Braginsky

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PostSubject: Welcome to W.H.M.I~!   Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:28 am

W.H.M.I (Worldwide Happiness Mental Institution) is located in the middle of Siberia, and it is very well known all around the world.

The most challenging cases are send here, but also some other patients are here too, mostly if other places don't want them.

W.H.M.I is really well known because it also uses the old therapies like lobotomy which are illegal, but the doctors there have also some therapies which they have made up themselves, even though there is no evidence that they would actually work...

There are 225 rooms in total in W.H.M.I.

  • 137 normal patient rooms, which have two beds for two patients, so there can fit 274 patients. (two beds and dressers, and one window with unbreakable glass)
  • 50 special patient rooms for patients who can't really be with other patients. (only one bed and walls are soft)
  • 10 doctor offices.
  • 2 staff member bedrooms. (two beds)
  • 1 staff member kitchen. (two fridges, a table and chairs)
  • 1 staff member living room. (a Tv and a couch)
  • 2 patient bathrooms. (very big bathrooms with many showers)
  • 10 toilets.
  • 1 patient living room. (quite large, one big TV and couple of couches and armchairs)
  • 2 patient "hobby" rooms. (one for painting and things like that, the other for playing games)
  • 2 medication rooms.
  • 7 therapy rooms.

There is also an outside area (a garden that the patients can take care of), which has a strong and high fence around it, so no patients can't escape~

The members of the staff welcome you to the Worldwide Happiness Mental Institution~
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Welcome to W.H.M.I~!
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