Here you can role-play with Hetalia characters, as much as you like.
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 RULES~! Rules! rules...

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Ivan Braginsky

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PostSubject: RULES~! Rules! rules...   Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:25 am

I know you hate them, but there just have to be rules around here~

Alrighty, first off:

Main Rules

  • When you register, register as an actual character that you'll be role-playing.
  • The age rating: 15!
  • About sending a link, there will be NO inappropriate sites, pictures, etc.
  • If you are not going to be here for a while, please, let me know, so I don't think you're dead~
  • If you are absent for about 2 months without letting me know, I will delete your account, because I don't want people here, who don't come here almost at all.
  • And please, try to write so that everyone understants you, and there will be mistakes as little as possible. That would be really nice. (and I apologise, if there's any mistakes here)
  • Keep your personal arguments between yourselves, I don't want to see ANY of that in the role-plays, and if you would be kind enough, also not in the chat box.
  • Be a nice person, alright~?
  • And also, please, even if you're shy, show up in the chat box, make posts once in a while, about couple times a week, so I also then don't think that you're dead~
  • When you make a new topic, but to the end of the topic's name: attn, and then the ones that can come to role-play there. For example: But Ivan wants vodka~ (attn. Matthew Williams)
    You can look for examples in the threads.

Character Rules

  • You can use human names, or country names, but human names are prefered.
  • NO OC's at all! (for now, but you can ask about it if you really want to)
  • And try to stay in the character, but of course, you don't have to be perfect~
  • Fems, 2ps, and others like that are welcome, at least for now.

Pew~ Now to other things~

Unavailable characters

  • Russia - Ivan Braginsky (Me, but available if asked)
  • America - Alfred F. Jones
  • Germany - Ludwig Beilschmidt
  • Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt
  • England - Arthur Kirkland (Me, but available if asked)
  • Holy Roman Empire - Hartwig Von Schmidt
  • North Italy - Feliciano Vargas
  • Japan - Kiku Honda
  • Sealand - Peter Kirkland
  • Hong Kong - Li Xiao Chun
  • South Italy - Romano Vargas
  • The Holy Roman Empire - Hartwig Von Schmidt
  • Spain - Antonio Carriedo
  • Austria - Roderich Edelstein
  • France - Francis Bonnefoy
  • 2p!England - Oliver Kirkland
  • Canada - Matthew Williams

If you have anything to ask, ask away~
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RULES~! Rules! rules...
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